What are the main objectives of this consultation?

    The study aims to look at improvements to the current transport network, including public transport, walking and cycling links, as well as improvements to the local road network.

    The study will be informed by the views of local residents, businesses and other stakeholders.

    We need your views to:

    • capture all issues affecting this corridor
    • shape the proposals for the A308 corridor
    • make sure that any changes benefit those who live and work along the corridor, as well as those who pass through the area

    What is included in the study?

    The study will look at all modes of travel along the A308 corridor including walking, cycling, public transport, freight and car. As well as the A308 itself, we want to know what issues there are on parallel transport routes and roads that join the A308.

    For example:

    • Local walking and cycling networks
    • Bus and rail services
    • Problematic roads and junctions (i.e. bottlenecks and pinch points)
    • Congestion
    • Journey times
    • Road safety
    • Vehicle speeds and poor driver behaviour
    • Lorry movements
    • Vehicle noise
    • Air quality

    The study will take account of committed and planned development along the corridor, including any future expansion of Heathrow Airport.

    What future developments will affect demand and use of the route?

    As outlined on the homepage, future development could impact the area, with more homes, retail and business premises being built, leading to more people travelling in the area. The study will look at the committed and planned development that is likely to have the greatest impact in terms of generating more trips along this section of the A308, including:

    • Various new housing and employment sites within RBWM which are covered in the Council’s Borough Local Plan. This makes provision for 14,420 new homes and at least 11,291 jobs across a range of commercial and industrial units, with Maidenhead being the focus for much of this new development. Around 2,600 homes are currently proposed on the Desborough site adjacent to the A308 to the south of the town.
    • There are also major development sites proposed in Spelthorne and Runnymede, including Longcross Park (850,000sqft of offices plus 385,000sqft of data centre) and Longcross Garden Village (1,700 homes).
    • The proposed Heathrow Airport Expansion could generate 25 million extra road passenger journeys a year and double the airport’s existing freight operation. The impact of this must be considered in the study.
    • High Wycombe will be a focus for development in Buckinghamshire, with 6,350 homes and additional major employment sites, such as at Wycombe Air Park to the south west of the town.
    • Bracknell Forest has also seen considerable growth in housing numbers and there is provision for up to 10,455 homes by 2036. There is a new proposal for up to 4,000 homes at the Syngenta site in Jealott’s Hill close to the RBWM boundary. This would have a detrimental impact on the A330 corridor, which feeds into the Braywick Roundabout on the A308 to the south of Maidenhead.

    Are we looking for feedback on a particular transport link?

    The study will be looking at how people use and find the use of the parallel rail routes, including:

    • The Marlow Branch Line
    • Great Western Main Line between Maidenhead and Slough
    • Windsor Branch Line between Slough and Windsor & Eton Central
    • Windsor Line between Windsor & Eton Riverside & Staines
    • Windsor Line to Heathrow Terminals