What is a Traffic Management Order (TMO)?

    A TMO is a legal order which allows the Council to control parking in a chosen area. They are commonly used on public roads, but can also be used on housing estates. They set out the parking controls including permits, hours of operation and allow Civil Enforcement Officers (traffic wardens) to issue Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets).

    What are the proposed operational hours of the parking restrictions?

    The parking restrictions are proposed to operate twenty-fours hours a day, seven days a week, including public holidays.

    How much will the parking permits cost?

    The proposed cost for resident parking permits for the financial year 2021/2022 is £50 per permit. 

    Permit charges will be reviewed on an annual basis. If the scheme is agreed and implemented, residents will be contacted and advised of the permit application procedure in sufficient time of the parking controls becoming operational.

    Enforcement and fines

    Any vehicle which is parked without a valid permit or outside of a designated parking area, may receive a Penalty Charge Notice (currently £130). 

    What about visitors and deliveries?

    Due to the restricted amount of parking space available on the estate and the need to provide the maximum amount of parking for residents, visitors will initially be unable to park within the estates. This restriction will be reviewed once the scheme is operational and we can determine how many free spaces there are.

    Double yellow lines permit delivery vehicles to load and unload, but also deter these areas being used for parking, especially when obstructive parking hinders accessibility, such as in areas in front of garages and building/property entrances. 

    What disruption will there be to make the changes?

    We will need to introduce new road markings on the estates and install new parking signs. In order for us to do the work, we would need to suspend parking on the estates. To minimise disruption, the work will be planned to be completed in a maximum of two days (weather permitting), and residents will be able to park their vehicles on the estates after the Council’s highways contractors have departed for the day. Warning signs, stating the date and time of the parking suspension will be installed on the estates and provide sufficient notice of the works.

    What happens next?

    We will use what you tell us in this survey to make any necessary improvements to the proposed parking design. The proposal will then go to a formal public consultation, with the aim of introducing the proposed improvements from June 2021.