What is EngagementHQ?

    EngagementHQ is an online engagement platform developed by Bang the Table. 

    Bang the Table was created to bring community engagement up to date with 21st century technology away from the limiting constraints of traditional face-to-face research. By widening participation and deploying a host of online engagement tools, EngagementHQ can help deliver each phase of the consultation process from inception to completion.

    What engagement tools are available for consultations?

    EngagementHQ offers a toolbox and variety of methods ready at Project Centre's disposal. All tools are designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate as participants provide their feedback on various issues. Navigate through the tools section and demo the engagement tool you think would be best for your consultation. 

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    What type of engagement tools do you have available?

    Engagement tools available enables interaction between users. These come in open, mixed and controlled environments.  

    Which engagment tool should I use?

    There is no one size fits all, as every consultation and issue being considered is different. Most of our clients use surveys and interactive maps (places) as the analysing the data within strict parameters is easier. Nevertheless, it is possible to use multiple tools for a single consultation and gather an assorted range of feedback. 

    However, Bang the Table recommends the following depending on each stage of the consultation:

    How do you analyse the data received from consultations?

    EngagementHQ comes equipped with a host of built in analytical tools.

    •  Closed-ended data is put under the microscope in order to highlight the biggest issues and concerns your target audience is voicing. Each response is be filtered, enabling you cross-tabulate all responses to reveal trends and patterns within specific datasets. Key statistics and figures about certain demographics, geographies, and other variables can be ascertained using this method. 
    • Open-ended data is analysed be coding the responses using tags which highlight key themes participants have raised. This involves labelling and assigning some themes which capture the essential points raised by every comment. After the coding process is completed, the data set is organizable and ready for pulling out facts and figures as easily as closed-ended data. 
    • A sentiment analysis can also be conducted which involves interpreting every comment and categorizing them categorize on a scale from very positive to very negative. There are also miscellaneous categories for other and undefined.   

    What else can you do with the data?

    EngagementHQ also has built-in reporting tools enabling you to unpack the survey results and visualize them using a variety of graphs and charts. These visualisations can be incorporated into the final report providing clients with a clear and concise summary of the consultation.

    Alternatively, data can be exported to excel to carry out further independent analysis and data visualisation using alternative software.