What is the programme about?

    Havering Council through the Regeneration Department are working on recovery plans to revitalise five district town centres; Collier Row, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Rainham and Upminster to support businesses in the immediate term with post-lockdown recovery, and enhance the long-term social, environmental and economic  viability and vitality of the five town centres.

    The Council are keen for any ideas and proposed changes to be led by the local community and businesses who use and occupy these town centres.

    The Council wish to work with local residents, businesses and the wider community to identify what improvements could be made to the local environment, to encourage them to visit their town centres and feel safe doing so. 

    This is an important time to have your say, with emerging trends such as changing work patterns due to COVID-19, e-commerce, and the need to reduce our carbon footprint all impacting the way we imagine the future of our town centres. The Council are keen for such trends to be at the heart of revitalisation plans, to enable town centres in Havering to become central hubs for living, working and socialising.

    What does the programme aim to do?

    • Understand businesses', residents' and the wider community’s perceptions and views of their town centre and local trade;
    • Identify which improvements and provisions residents and businesses would like to see in their town centre which would enhance the streetscene and encourage people to visit and spend time in their town centres safely post-lockdown;
    • Support businesses in town centres with immediate recovery, as well as help to enhance the long-term social, economic, cultural and environmental vitality and viability of the five district town centres within Havering;
    • Support residents to travel sustainably in and around the town centres – to reflect COVID-19 social distancing regulations and complement existing active travel measures within the town centres.

    What types of ideas and suggestions are we looking for?

    We want to hear your ideas about how to improve the town centres to make public spaces healthier, safer and more attractive to visit.

    Ideas at this stage might include:

    • Footway widening and better pedestrian crossings to complement social distancing and improve accessibility to the town centres.

    • More public seating and attractive spaces to relax and socialise, such as pocket parks

    • Sustainable environmental improvements eg: Electric vehicle charging points, recycling, carbon footprint reduction.

    • E-commerce and digital connected town centre initiatives

    • Schemes to reduce heavy traffic in the town centres.

    • Initiatives that create a safe and secure environment eg: improved lighting, CCTV.

    Who do we want to hear from?

    We want to hear from anyone who works, lives, owns a business or visits Collier Row, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Rainham and Upminster town centres.

    We are particularly interested in hearing from young people, and what you imagine the future of your town centres to look like.

    How will your ideas be used?

    We are currently in the pre-engagement stage, gathering initial information, thoughts, and suggestions from businesses, residents, and the wider community. 

    Your ideas will be gathered and used to form the basis of the town centre recovery plans to inform the future design ideas, which will later go out for public engagement.