How are Parking Controls Currently Enforced on My Estate?

    Parking controls in our housing estate car parks are currently managed and enforced under contract law.

    Drivers parking in these areas effectively enter into a contract agreement with the Council. Terms and conditions for use of those parking areas are indicated on road signs present at the entry to and within those parking areas.

    If motorists do not follow these terms and conditions, a Parking Charge Notice may be issued. The registered keeper can either pay the charge within a specified period or appeal the notice. If the charge is not paid, or an appeal is unsuccessful and payment has still not been received, the Council will ask the DVLA for details of the vehicle’s registered keeper to pursue the payment.

    Why Are You Marking These Changes?

    The Government policy on parking controls in areas managed by councils has changed. Councils can no longer use contract law.

    If we do not change our current arrangements, it is likely that existing parking controls in these areas will become unenforceable in the future. Any applications made by the Council’s enforcement team to the DVLA for details are likely to be refused. This will result in difficulties pursing outstanding parking charges from registered keepers of offending vehicles.

    What Are the New Parking Controls?

    New parking controls will be introduced under traffic management orders (TMOs).

    Under a TMO, controls in our housing estate parking areas would be managed and enforced in a similar way to those on public roads. On public roads, traffic signs and road markings are used to show those controls and provide information to motorists. The traffic signs and road markings that will be provided in our parking areas will look similar and be consistent with those used on public roads.

    The introduction of TMOs will allow the Council to continue to effectively manage parking on our housing estates. Furthermore, we will be able to adapt and tailor those controls to better meet the needs of each estate and will be able to ensure that parking facilities on those estates are reserved for residents of only.

    TMOs will also provide a more robust and fairer enforcement process. CEOs will carry out enforcement by issuing Penalty Charge Notices. The Council’s Civil Enforcement team will also be able to pursue any outstanding Penalty Charge Notices.

    The TMO process provides a much less onerous appeals system. Rather than risking a final hearing in a court, an appeal to a Penalty Charge Notice can be made to an independent adjudicator.

    At What Times do the Parking Controls Apply?

    The operational hours of the new parking controls will remain the same as the existing controls: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including public holidays.

    How will the Allocation of Parking Permits work?

    The introduction of any permit scheme will be subject to the outcome of the consultation. However, if a permit scheme is introduced, the following details how permits would be allocated.

    The allocation of permits would vary between estates. In each estate the availability of parking and the demand for permits will not be the same. If a permit scheme is introduced, it would be tailored to suit the needs of each estate.

    By taking part in this consultation, you can better help us to assess if a permit scheme is appropriate and what the demand in each estate would be.

    How much will the Parking Permits Cost?

    For existing permit schemes, the Council operates a tiered pricing scheme. Permit costs vary depending on a number of factors including the location of the parking area and the duration the parking controls apply.

    The purpose of this first part of the consultation is to assess the impact of parking issues affecting your estate. Any permit fees will be in line with statutory legislation that applies to TMOs and will be subject to approval by your elected council members. Details of any permit scheme and associated costs, if proposed, will be provided in the second consultation to follow later this year.

    Guidance and details of permit fees for other permit parking schemes in the borough can be found on the ‘Parking, transport and streets’ area of the Council’s website.

    Permit fees will contribute towards the upkeep and maintenance of the parking areas, administration of the parking scheme and costs of enforcement.

    Parking for Blue Badge Holders

    We will use the information gathered from this consultation to review any existing facilities for Blue Badge holders and, subject to available space, seek to best meet the needs of Blue Badge holders as far as we are able to at each estate.

    Where Will My Visitors Park?

    As part of some of the Council’s other permit schemes, options are available to purchase permits for use by visitors. We will use information gathered from the consultation and, subject to demand and availability of parking, we will consider the allocation of visitor permits for use in our estate parking areas.

    What about Deliveries?

    As is the case with visitor parking, demand for parking is likely to exceed the availability of spaces. As such, it is unlikely we would not be able to provide dedicated parking for deliveries.

    However, double yellow lines will be provided in areas where parked vehicles are likely to cause obstruction to other road users. While double yellow lines restrict parking, they do allow for dropping-off and picking-up of passengers and for the loading and unloading of goods.

    A delivery vehicle will be able to stop on a double yellow line for a short time to unload any deliveries, such as home shopping, before moving on.

    What about Contractor Vehicles?

    Dedicated parking spaces will not be provided for contactor vehicles. Should materials and equipment need to be delivered to a property, a contractor would be able to stop on a yellow line for a short time to load and unload their vehicle. They would then need to move on and park that vehicle elsewhere while any works are carried out.

    However, the Council does provide a permit scheme for contractors that allows them to park their vehicles on nearby streets.

    What about Carers?

    The Council provides a permit scheme specifically for carers. Under this scheme, carer permits allow those users to park in any of the permit areas of the borough under certain conditions.

    What about Car Clubs and Cycle Parking?

    We will use the information gathered from this survey to assess the demand for parking for car clubs and cycle parking. Our aim is to improve access to parking for more sustainable modes of transport.

    What about Parking for Electric Vehicles?

    We will use the information gathered from this survey to assess the demand for parking and charging facilities for electric vehicles to help meet our aim to improve access to parking for more sustainable modes of transport.

    In assessing the provision of electric vehicle charge points, we will also need to assess the feasibility of introducing the required infrastructure, power supply and electrical connections.

    Enforcement and fines

    Any vehicle which is parked without a valid permit or in contravention of any of the parking controls within each estates parking area may be liable to being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

    More information can be found at:

    How do I give my feedback?

    You can give your feedback by completing the survey on the Council’s website at:

    Alternatively, if you do not have access to the online form, you may request a paper copy by contacting (Email here) or (Telephone Number Here).

    Can my Household Submit More Than One Response?

    Only one response will be accepted per household. This is to ensure that there are no duplicate responses provided.

    When completing the questionnaire, all respondents will need to provide their full address/unique code when submitting their survey response.

    Can I Respond Even If I Do not Drive or Own A Car

    Yes, we would encourage all residents to respond and we would like to know how parking problems on our estates impact on all our residents.

    Can I Have A Say if I Do not Live in One of The Estates Being Consulted?

    Yes. If you live in one of our Housing Estates that is not listed in this consultation, we would also like to know your views and gain a better understanding of parking issues affecting your area.

    Although this current scheme is limited to those listed, once complete, we are also looking to extend to other estates where parking issues are affecting those residents. When clicking on the list of estates in Question 5, please select ‘Other’ and you will be able to provide your details and complete a questionnaire.