What is a bus gate?

    A 'Bus Gate' is a short section of road blocked off to all traffic except buses, cycles and taxis (hackney carriages) as shown by appropriate signage.

    Why is a bus gate being proposed in this area?

    Shoppenhangers Rd is a key link to schools and the town centre and has very high potential for more walking and cycling.

    It also provides an alternative to Braywick which is heavily trafficked so not pleasant for walking and cycling.

    What other options were investigated?

    Other design options considered were protected cycle tracks but this is expensive and given there are alternative through routes for general motor traffic a bus gate was considered a more cost effective option. Please note, all homes and premises on Shoppenhangers Road will still be accessible by car even with the bus gate in place.

    Will a bus gate just create another rat-run elsewhere?

    This would be run as a live trial under an Experimentation Traffic Order to help establish the wider implications on the network.

    What times are actually being proposed and are we offering options on this?

    Different timings can be considered

    Will I still be able to drive along Shoppenhangers Road?

    Yes. The bus gate would not prohibit motor traffic driving in either direction along Shoppenhangers Road, only entering the road from the Ludlow Road junction. At the point the bus gate is installed, it would prevent through movement of traffic for all except buses, and those walking and cycling. Traffic travelling on the other side of the bus gate in either direction is not affected and everyone will still be able to drive to access their homes and amenities.

    Will any parking bays be lost if a bus gate is implemented?

    No parking bays will be lost.

    Will any disabled parking bays be lost if a bus gate is implemented?

    No. No disabled parking bays will be lost.

    Will there be exemptions?

    Yes. Access will be allowed for Taxis so that they can pick up and set down at the station.

    How will the bus gate be enforced?


    If the bus gate gets the go ahead when will it be installed?